Discover Trad-X

Trad-X is Tradition's multi-asset class trading platform for OTC derivatives. The platform has rich functionality, low latency and a proven ability to attract deep high-quality liquidity.

Trad-X delivers capability designed to meet the demands of today's market and a globally future-proof method of trading in a shifting regulatory landscape. Trad-X offers a flexible execution methodology, combining voice and electronic pools of liquidity to ensure the highest-quality trading experience.

Trad-X facilitates both hybrid and fully-electronic order entry, allowing users to execute the most complex of trading strategies via voice instruction, direct click-and-trade central limit order book access, and auction services. It covers a broad range of products across USD, EUR and GBP currencies, including interest rate swaps, FRAs, overnight index swaps, single and cross-currency basis swaps and Gadget.

Developed in conjunction with key market participants, Trad-X provides firm, irrefutable and transparent streamed two-way pricing from at least 12 of the world's largest global banks.

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