Features of Trad-X

Guaranteed Liquidity

Continual streaming of two-way markets to more than 250 of the most liquid interest rate swap price points in market size covering USD, EUR and GBP swaps.

Accurate Pricing

More than 10 million submitted orders received each day, producing in excess of one billion tradable orders.

Hybrid Trading

Continuous electronic provision combined with voice capability, ensures access to a deep liquid market with continuous real tradable interests.

Limit Based Risk Control

Market-leading, richly functional limit based risk control system.

Unique Implied Engine

Full implied engine ensures production of orderly yield curves and real-time generation of thousands of prices and strategies.

Premium Benchmark Data

Public Reference Data provided on a pure electronic basis for all currencies, available on Bloomberg and Reuters.

Full Post Trade Functionality

Full STP capability and connectivity to relevant clearing houses.

CCP Clearing

All products cleared by relevant CCPs, including LCH, CME and Eurex.