Stuart Giles, Managing Director Strategy & Business Development

Stuart has been at Tradition for almost 20 years and was part of the core team who launched Trad-X.  He has rich knowledge of the financial markets which has helped Trad-X’s evolvement into an award winning trading system.

Stuart Giles
Managing Director Strategy & Business Development

Lev Kokunko, Business Manager

Lev joined Trad-X  following his time at the Financial Conduct Authority where his focus was on benchmark supervision. His role involves product and business development

Lev Kokunko
Business Manager

Philippe Dudon, COO

Philippe has been a part of Trad-X core team since the inception over 10 years ago – an initiative to which he was led by a rapidly changing regulatory and technological environment of Fixed Income trading world. Prior to that he held a number of roles across several IDBs and sell-side institutions.

Phillipe Dudon

Vanesha Gya, Head of Product Management & Development

Vanesha has been at  Tradition for over 10 years and was part of the core team who launched Trad-X.  Her role includes managing and deploying Trad-X functionality across all regions.

Vanesha Gya
Head of Product Management & Development

David Rizzo, Manager of Trading Operations (Americas)

David's role includes managing support for the various hybrid and electronic trading systems across Tradition.

David Rizzo
Manager of Trading Operations (Americas)